On-the-side Lowriding

“La Platiada”

I’ve been into classic cars for a long time, and I’m especially preferential toward old chevy trucks. Currently I have a 1965 El Camino, the ultimate old school Chicano-style cruiser.

Throughout the years I have been lucky enough to have been able to build three more of these classic chevys, but did not keep any except for my ’65 El Camino. I did however set up websites for these trucks, and created a website for a local barrio-based auto restoration/repair shop. I created most of these webpages from scratch, which explain their “old school” feel.

– I threw together this simple page to link share images of some of my classic trucks.

http://1972c5.com/ This is old hub for my automotive interests that is now primarily a resource for first generation (1970-1972) 2wd Blazer owners.

http://1972c5.com/72_2wdblazer/… This is a webpage I created to sell my former 1972 2wd Blazer. I kept it up because I think the page came out nice, and it felt like a shame to trash it, even after I had sold the truck.