2016.     UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO. Ph.D. Department of Communication. Research focused on Latin American media systems and the mediatization of Latin American politics. Dissertation: Democracy, Television, and the Mediatization of Chilean Politics: How the Medium Became the Message in Post-Pinochet Chile. Co-Chairs: Michael Cole and Daniel C. Hallin. Committee: Jaime Concha, Luis Martin-Cabrera, Nancy Postero, Natalia Roudakova.

2009.     UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO. MASTER OF ARTS. Awarded degree in Latin American Studies from the Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies. M.A. Thesis, Democracy & the Political Ascendancy of Broadcast Television in Latin America: 1950 through 1970. Committee Chair, Daniel C. Hallin.

2000.     SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY. TEACHING CREDENTIALS. Awarded two bilingual (BCLAD) credentials: a Single Subject (k-12) in Social Science with a Language Arts Supplemental, and a Multiple Subject (k-8) from the Department of Policy Studies in Language and Cross Cultural Education.

1995.     UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO. BACHELOR OF ARTS. Awarded a degree in Ethnic Studies, with a minor in Teacher Education from Thurgood Marshall College.