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Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methods, I track how mediated political communication relates to political engagement when it is enacted as a lived, social process. The relationship between these two fields, and in particular the differentiation between them, is what I have identified as a key object of analysis within the mediatization of politics. The mediatization of politics involves a reconfiguration of the relationship between people, media, and political life, and contributes to the mediated formation of class, national, gender, racial, and ethnic identity markers across the globe. Ultimately, this line of investigation informs a research agenda that tracks how communication technologies contribute to identity formation and cultural consumption within the context of advanced neoliberal capitalism. I am convinced that what I have discovered is essential for a more critical understanding of contemporary, hyper-mediated political events such as the anti-H.R. 4437 movement (2006), the Arab Spring (2010), Occupy Wall Street (2011), #YoSoy132 (2012), Black Lives Matter (2013), and even Trumpism (2015/2016), when this last phenomena is understood as a broad cultural process that will endure beyond the Trump presidency.

Although it focuses on secondary education, critical pedagogy and educational technology, my second research agenda intersects theoretically with my mediatization research at two key points: the foregrounding of social relations as an object of analysis, and engagement with sociocultural theory. My involvement with the Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition (LCHC) at UCSD theoretically grounded my extensive experience in pedagogical methods and educational technologies. In other words, the practical knowledge and skills gained from my years as a successful classroom teacher enrich my work as a researcher and lecturer for 5th Dimension and La Clase Mágica practicum courses. Drawing from a substantial data set collected while I was the project director for the Community Stations Initiative, I am currently developing two publications focusing on Technologically Mediated Collaborative Learning: Optimal Arrangements of Physical Spaces; and Multi-Site Lesson Planning and the Work-Arounds.

Writing Sample: “The 1988 Franja de Propaganda Electoral and the Mediatization of Chilean Politics