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Academic Publications

2017 Television, Democracy, and the Mediatization of Chilean Politics. Lexington Books. “Communication, Globalization, and Cultural Identity” series. Download pdf flyer.

“After seventeen years as dictator of Chile, in 1990 Augusto Pinochet ceremoniously handed the presidential sash to the leader of his legal opposition to formalize the peaceful transition to civilian rule in that country. Among the many idiosyncrasies of this extraordinary transfer of political power, the most memorable is the month-long, nationally televised campaign of uncensored political advertising known as the Franja de Propaganda Electoral—the ‘Official Space for Electoral Propaganda.’ Produced by Pinochet’s supporters and the legal opposition, the 1988 Franja campaign set out to encourage voters to participate in a plebiscite that would define the democratic future of Chile. Harry L. Simón Salazar presents a valuable historical account, new empirical research, and a unique theoretical analysis of the televised Franja campaign to examine how it helped the Chilean people reconcile the irreconcilable, and stabilize a contradictory relationship between what was politically implausible and what was represented as true and viable in a space of mediated political culture. This contribution to the field of political communication research will be useful for scholars, students, and a general public interested in Latin American history and democracy, as well as researchers of media, communication theory, and cultural studies. Television, Democracy, and the Mediatization of Chilean Politics also helps inform a more critical understanding of contemporary hyper-mediated political movements such as the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and the particularly germane phenomenon of Trumpism.

…a great introduction to the mediatization of politics, with lessons that apply broadly to the role of the media within contemporary politics.    Michael Cole, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Communication & Psychology, UCSD

…the analysis is rigorous and free… this well informed and illuminating study deserves to be read by both specialists and the general public.     Jaime Concha, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Latin American Literature, UCSD

…a rich and complex account… rooted in a deep knowledge of the Chilean political context. For anyone interested in the ‘mediatization’ of politics, Simón Salazar’s exploration of the Chilean plebiscite is a rich source of insight.    Daniel C. Hallin, Professor of Communication, UCSD

…theoretically sophisticated, historically informed, and politically compelling, this study is a must read for those interested in Chilean history and culture, media studies, human rights, cultural studies, and especially for activists in Chile and beyond interested in understanding the relationship between media and political transformations. — Luis Martín-Cabrera, Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies, UCSD

…a fascinating analysis… This study is a must-read for those interested in politics, democracy, and social justice.    Nancy Postero, Associate Professor of Anthropology, UCSD

…a nuanced, learned, and meticulous analysis… [that] combines state-of-the-art theorizing about the dynamics of mediated politics and a granular examination of electoral communication… a must-read for Latin American scholars and communication researchers interested in the troubling consequences of mediatization.    Silvio Waisbord, Professor of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University

2018 “Community Print Media and Photography of the Chicana/o Movement.” and “The Student Print Media of the Chicana/o Movement.” in A. R. Del Castillo & N. Iglesias-Prieto (Eds.) The Chicana and Chicano Movement: From Aztlán to Zapatistas. ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Praeger. “Movements of the American Mosaic” series. Forthcoming in November 2018. Download pdf flyer.

An indispensable resource for students investigating social and political activism, this book provides an overview of the major trends and influences of the Chicano/Chicana Movement… The impact of the Chicano/Chicana Movement on today’s America can be seen in the halls of power, in educational access and equity, and in positive self-image among Chicanos and Chicanas. It is also reflected in visual arts, theater, music, and dance. This book provides students investigating Mexican-American or Chicano/Chicana-Latino/Latina social and political activism and social justice advocacy with an overview of the major trends and influences of the Chicano/Chicana Movement during the highly volatile 1960s and 1970s…”

2018 Forthcoming Book Chapter: Fake News Is A Quantitative Category & Truthfulness Has Very Little To Do With It.
2018 Forthcoming Paper: The Mediatization of Chilean Human Rights Memory.
2018 Forthcoming Paper: Movimiento Voices On Campus: The Newspapers of the Chicana/o Student Movement. 
2018 Forthcoming Paper: The UCSD Community Stations Initiative: Transitioning From The Imagined To The Implemented.

Media Production (partial list)

2017 Author, An Overview of Chicana/o Student Newspapers. <>.
2017 Contributor, THE STORY OF LCHC: A Polyphonic Autobiography. <>. Chapter 13: Town and Country Learning Center: Connecting with the Community.
2013-2014 Videographer, eBook The Dragon in the Cliff: A Novel by Sheila Cole, New York: FlickerLab, 2014. & eBook on iTunes.
2013 Project director, coordinating a yearlong effort marking the 30th anniversary of UC San Diego’s Department of Communication. This process culminated in a three-day celebration under the theme, The Future of Communication: Questions of Power, Publics, & the New Media Environment. <>. The project also involved directing the recovery and transfer of departmental video collections. <>.
2012 Project director, videographer & web designer, the UCSD Community Stations Initiative, a socio-technical collaboration between the UCSD Departments of Communication, Visual Arts, and the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2). <> & <>.

2011-2012 Cinematographer, Beyond the Fifth Dimension: University-Community Partnerships in Learning, documenting the history, theoretical focus, and work of the UCSD Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition (LCHC). <>. Run time: 54:50.

2011 Author and web designer of La Segunda Declaración de La Habana, a multi-media work in progress designed to reveal the cumulative characteristics of historical knowledge that become embodied within a text over time. <>.
2010 Assistant Coordinator for COMT 175A: Advanced Topics in Community Media Production, The History of Chicano Park. Assisted Professors Zeinabu Davis and Olga Vásquez in the development of this media production course documenting the 40th anniversary of Chicano Park in San Diego. 
2008 Videographer and web designer, A Divided Friendship – The U.S./Mexico Border & The Destruction of Friendship Park. Film screenings throughout San Diego, CineFestival 2009, and Binational Association of Schools of Communication (BINACOM) Conference 2009. <>. Run time: 9:20.


2018 Accepted papers, 2018 International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference. Donald Trump’s Media Wall: The Conspicuous Absence of Mexican Voices During the 2016 Presidential CampaignFake News Is A Quantitative Category & Truthfulness Has Very Little To Do With It; and The Mediatization of Chilean Human Rights Memory. May 2018, Prague, Czech Republic.
2017 International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference. Presenter, The Chilean Television Industry and the Transition to Civilian Rule. San Diego, California.
2017 National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS). Chair & presenter, Escuelita Aztlan: What Educational Self-Determination Looks Like. Irvine, CA.
2015 International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference. Presenter, The West & The Rest: The Importance Of Mediatization Research For Understanding Latin American Politics. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2015 International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA). Presenter, Television, Democracy, and the Mediatization of Latin American Politics: 1980 through 2000. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2013 National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS). Presenter, Red Raza: Chicana/os and Marxism. San Antonio, Texas.

More of my video production can be viewed on my YouTube channel:<>