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Q-vole. I am a family oriented lowriding educator, multi-media producer, Latinamericanist communication scholar, and politically active Chicano from SoCal. I am currently a lecturer in the UCSD Department of Communication.

In 2016 I completed a Ph.D. in Communication from UCSD. My doctoral training provided me with a strong background in critical theories of the media and expertise in multiple quantitative and qualitative research methods. My work is interdisciplinary: it involves political communication, Latin American studies, Human Rights discourse and memory, mediatization theory, international media systems, cultural identity, sociocultural theory, critical pedagogy, educational technologies, and Chicana/o studies. My current projects focus on mediated political communication and political culture, as well as how sociocultural theories of learning can inform the design of sociotechnical systems for secondary education.

In addition to my Ph.D. in Communication, I have a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies from CILAS at UCSD, two BCLAD teaching credentials from SDSU, and a B.A. in Ethnic Studies from UCSD. I have also been a successful educator for over 20 years. Twelve years of my service were as a high school teacher in San Diego, where I played a central role within numerous innovative school leadership programs involving students, parents, and technology. Currently, I am a lecturer at UCSD.

I have been a community organizer for over 25 years, and over time I have accepted positions of leadership in numerous community organizations. Many of my contributions have been in the field of alternative media – primarily in the production of different forms of “agit-prop.” I have served as editor to multiple newspapers, independently published two books, dozens of pamphlets and booklets, hundreds of flyers, and developed numerous websites. I also helped development several short video documentaries.