What Are We Going To Do?

Different people look at the issue of immigration in different ways and for different reasons. We are going to look at the different ways people deal with this issue and why.

We want to be able to dialogue about immigration in our class in a real way, and this is why we are going to study the opinions as different people see it.

To complete this project, each person in our class will have to do three TASKS:
  • Develop a chart of the information that you found through your online research.
  • Write "Persuasive Letters" based on your research, and defending your personal ideas about the issue of "Immigration."
  • Present your ideas to the class, and participate in a full classroom dialogue about Immigration.

By completing this lesson you should also achieve the following goals:

  • Learn more about the different issues within the immigration debate.
  • Using the Internet you will collect information representing different perspectives on the issue of immigration.
  • Get informed and develop your personal opinion on this important issue.
  • Together, this lesson should broaden your views on the issue, and help you better understand the things that happen to us in our everyday lives.


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