These are Some of the Different Perspectives...

Because "immigration" is such a hot issue these days, many different people look at it in different ways. If you look at "immigration" from only one perspective, you do not learn enough about it, and your ideas are limited to what you already know.

For example, what would you do if you got sick one day, and you needed surgery from a doctor, and there was no doctor to help you?

You would not let the trash man, or your math teacher, or any other person operate on you, would you? You would not want these people operating on you because they won't know what they are doing, any they might end up hurting you more than you already are.

In the same way, a person that knows very little about immigration should learn more about it before they start making heavy arguments about the issue, or start supporting laws that just make people suffer. A person that has not looked at the real issues around immigration, should not really go around talking about it as if they knew everything - that is ignorant! And passing laws that just attack certain people is wrong.

We see this happen all the time, and it is the main reason why when the issue of immigration comes up, we hear racist (anti-Mexican/Latino) opinions, and we see racist (anti-Mexican/Latino) laws being voted on.

We want to be able to dialogue about immigration in our class in a real way, and this is why we are going to study the opinions as different people see it.

Each Perspective is Different


What They Want:


To make money, it is primarily about their business. Immigration is mainly a business issue.


To stop all immigration, kick out anyone who does not have papers, and take the United States back to how things were " the good old days..."

Liberal Reformist

To help immigrants achieve the "American Dream", by getting papers and voting.

Politically Radical

To totally change the government and its laws in favor of the poor.

Human Rights Activist

To try to keep people and governments from abusing the human rights of immigrants.


To try to get people to vote for her or him by doing what is popular. This way they get elected/re-elected.


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