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We are looking to collect messages from Comm Department Alums and former faculty. As a part of our celebration, we would love to be able to share the success stories, challenges, as well as learning moments of our alumni to encourage, inspire and motivate our communication students. Please feel free to post your message and share your story below, or better yet, send us a short video message and we may share it via our Youtube channel! The text posting window is at the bottom of this page, and the Youtube channel is linked at the top of this page.

11 thoughts on “Post A Message

  1. Jared Markowitz

    Epic story of epicness!

    The website looks more organized and easier to navigate. It still needs more of an aesthetic theme. Also some of the directions could be more clear (like for this page)

    Overall its better than anything I could have made :D!

    Give better instructions for the bottom!

  2. Tayra Delgado

    Well firstly looking at this page gets me even more excited about our upcoming celebration!!! I would defenitively like to see more color on the webpage, but overall it makes me very excited!!!! _Tayra

  3. Christina Niffenegger

    So great to see everything for this event is coming together. I’m really getting excited!

  4. Samantha Lee

    Everyone is working really hard to plan this celebration and its great to see the progress develop slowly but steadily.

  5. Kamilah Foley

    The website looks great. I really like the addition of the drop down menus. Also the layout is simple and to the point, navigating through it is really easy. Finally I like how the colors are simple with just a splash of color to draw the eye to the celebration. Looks really good!

  6. Jillian Johnson

    Hey guys!! I can’t wait for this event! It is so exciting to see how well it is all coming together and how much work everyone is putting into it. Lets go out with a bang on this one!

  7. Joana Micuda

    A good education is invaluable! It is the key to a successful future. The 30th Anniversary Event gives our Department the opportunity to celebrate among the many success stories of our Alumni. To inspire and motivate the hundreds of students who are here in the COMM Department and will be here in the future. By connecting our current students and our past students we can build a support network centered on the power of a good education. I am so grateful to be part of this event.
    Well, I am not an Alum yet. But as of June, I will be! I don’t know where life is going to take me, but I do know that I have this department to thank for helping me find my path. The concepts I was taught by the wonderful faculty of this department have already changed how I view the world. I see it critically and I can think analytically. The people I have met here from both the past and the present have allowed me to connect my education to the real world. Thank you in advance to all the Faculty and Staff that make the UCSD COMM Department as unique and rewarding as I have come to appreciate it. When I find my niche in success, I will make sure to share my story.

  8. Tiffany Chin

    I’m so excited for this event! It’ll be so great to get the alumni involved and our department finally connect with out comm-unity! I can’t wait for our speed networking event. It will will be so awesome!!

  9. Dana Banh

    Can’t wait to celebrate with the faculty, students, and alumni that have made UCSD Communication such an esteemed department!

  10. Lillian Huang

    I am actually really thankful for this anniversary event. As a Communications major, I sometimes feel unsure what is ahead for me in my career path, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this. I am glad that there is such an action packed weekend where I can network with alumni and faculty and meet some of those interested in the same fields. I don’t want to graduate without truly knowing the Comm department or not feeling involved.
    Some students studying other majors may not take Communcation seriously, well this is the time where we show that we are TOTALLY serious about it!
    p.s. really excited to see Michael Schudson there…

  11. admin Post author

    Copied message from: Michael Real
    Message: Being a member of the early faculty with Herb Schiller, Oscar Gandy, and Will Wright, among others, and sharing the early Third College
    experience were incredibly memorable experiences. I look forward to celebrating the full history and achievements of communication at UCSD.