Comm 30th Organizer Directory

COMM 146 Undergrads:

– Dana Banh, Spring Event Outreach. Webpage.
– Brianna Carter, Event Logistics for Friday June 7th. Webpage.
– Tiffany Chin, Alumni Work Group. Webpage.
– Sandra Duran, Event Logistics. Webpage.
– Lillian Huang, Spring Event Outreach. Webpage.
– Jocelyn Jackson, Fundraising. Webpage.
– Jillian Johnson, Spring Event Outreach. Webpage.
– Priscilla Lee, Spring Event Outreach. Webpage.
– Samantha Lee, Event Logistics & Comm Digital Footprint. Webpage.
– Jared Markowitz, Comm History & Comm Digital Footprint. Webpage.
– Joana Micuda, Comm History. Webpage.
– Christina Niffenegger, Comm Digital Footprint. Webpage.
– Jamie Openshaw, Alumni Work Group. Webpage.
– Hope Tuttle, Alumni Work Group. Webpage.
– Laura Yoo, Comm Digital Footprint. Webpage.

Professor Mike Cole.
Project Director/ Webpage designer/ TA Harry Simón Salazar.
Gina Kim, Comm Department Human Resources/Fiscal Disbursements.
Jenelle Dean, UCSD Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs.

Special Thanks to Faculty Discussion Coordinators, Comm Department Staff, Faculty, Grad students, and Undergrads for all your support as well!